AP1s Are Going Digital in:

Digital AP1 countdown

Whether you deal with residential and/or commercial property transactions, we've got you covered.

Digital AP1's

Following HM Land Registry's decision to digitise AP1 submissions from November 2022, we'd encourage law firms to start their own digitisation process as early as possible.

Whether it is for a Residential or Commercial transaction, Search Acumen can help. Our management software is already geared up to interact automatically with HM Land Registry, meaning our suite of AI-driven conveyancing solutions are ideal to help firms migrate to a new Digital AP1 process. We can also give the reassurance that ours is a proven and trusted solution being the most utilised platform in the market, transacting over 5,000 AP1 submissions per week.

Digital AP1

Here are some of the features highlighting why it has been so popular:

  • AP1 Dashboard - Integrated with Land Registry, our dashboard is a clear and simple way to work through requisitions, minimise delays and finalise transactions.
  • Pre-Populated form completion - Faster and efficient completion reduces the risk of discrepancies and time delays.
  • Filtered Submission Requirements - Pre-filtered smart forms speed up the completion and submission process, only seeing sections relevant to the case, reducing historically a labour-intensive process.
  • SDLT5 Automatically Attached - Reducing time spent on admin.
  • LMS Integration - Integrated technologies offering a simplified and automated upload process.

With the whole industry being digitised pre-November 2022, it is anticipated that a high volume of software user training will be required to facilitate this behaviour change.  Getting organised early will ensure your teams have the time to train and feel comfortable using this digital solution in advance of when it becomes mandatory. We are ready now; you could be too.

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We offer an entirely digital process for completing and submitting Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) forms online which is integrated with HMRC, removing the need for multiple logins. Below are some of the benefits our solution includes:

SDLT5 automatically returned within moments and attached to your AP1 application
Vendor agent data linked to the SRA database for up-to-date information on the other side’s solicitor
Saves your HMRC credentials so you don’t need to re-enter every time You can also calculate the net present value on a leasehold transaction, add or remove parties and view a list of reliefs that can be factored into the calculation.

Post Completion

The post-completion process is an essential stage of a conveyancing transaction and yet it can often be complex, costly and time-consuming. However, our fully digital post-completion tool is all under one roof and is integrated with HMRC and HM Land Registry, saving you time, effort and money while maintaining consistency across your firm.

If you would like further information about our post-completion tools, contact us at

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